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Abyssal training fleet
Abyssal training

Every now and then, [EX-SA] will host Abyssal fleets which have a goal of teaching newbros and more experienced pilots how to run Abyssal sites. These fleets are currently exclusive so LinkNet members and will be posted via the official LinkNet auth system and pinged on discord prior to formup.

The initial 15-30min after formup will be spent on getting everyone up to speed with various Abyssal mechanics, taking special care of new pilots that might not be familiar with basic stuff like manual piloting, staggered module cycling, staying in their optimal range and target prioritizing...

After that, we will be forming multiple groups of 3, grabbing our frigates and diving into the Abyss. If you've never done any Abyssal content, you will be grouped up with more experienced pilots that will guide you through the initial runs. For everyone else, we hope these fleets can serve as a way of finding other pilots that like this type of content so you can find your wingmen easily.


We will start with T1 filaments, mostly Electrical due to a fantastic capacitor boost you get once inside. This is extremely important especially with new pilots since you should all have cap stable ships once you jump inside. So, don't worry if the ship simulating screen tells you your cap will run dry in like a minute-or-so.

Since we're running frigate Abyssal runs, you'll obviously want to be in a frigate. Ideally, assault frigates with EM damage ammo.

If you don't have a ship yet - check out our suggested fits here. Filaments will be provided for free!

The fits listed there cover multiple hulls like the Worm, Retribution, Navy Slicer but also give you the extreme cheap option for dipping your toes in form of plain T1 racial frigates like the Punisher, Tristan, Kestrel and the Breacher.

These newbie fits also come in both the low skillpoint variant and the Tech II variant so even day one characters should be able to jump straight in.

Please note: Newbie fits are not made to solo Abyssal pockets. Even though some might work with high skill levels, you will most probably end up dead. Instead, make sure you have a friend or two by your side to make your run a success.

Loot and payouts

What we do in these fleets is simple - our prime goal is to teach you how to be efficient and run these sites so you can do it on your own and make some nice ISK. During fleet - our FC (and backup FCs) will be taking the loot from all the runs. This enables you to focus on destroying targets without the overhead of looting the far-out cans. Once the fleet stands down, your FC will do an estimate on the total loot, and do direct ISK payouts to each fleet member equally.

This makes it easier than keeping track of every single pilot, number of runs and specific loot drops from each of the pockets, gives you liquid ISK and no worries of hauling the items back to a trade-hub.

Until our next formup... Fly dangerously o7