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How to fix Triglavian standings
Pochven sun

Even though the Triglavian invasion is officially over, there are still some leftover systems with minor Triglavian victories that have hostile gate-guns, and with the introduction to Pochven - there are even more roaming Triglavian fleets running about! This often results in people losing ships of all kinds to hostile NPCs even though it can easily be avoided with a little bit of your time.

Ain't nobody got time to read all of this!

  • Grab a ship you can afford to lose
  • Make sure your ship has solid range (60+km recommended)
  • Grab a Pochven entry & exit filament
  • Yeet yourself into Pochven
  • Find Rogue Drones (or isolated Sleeper frigates)
  • Warp at 100km
  • Kill drone/frigate (yes, a single one will do)
  • Moonwalk out & enjoy friendly Trigbois


So, to start things off - you will need a ship (duuh!). Anything will do since we're not here to farm sites or kill tons of rats - we just need to "fix" our relations with Triglavians by getting a single positive standing hit. Taking something fast with a very solid range is recommended - Longbow Cormorants are a very popular choice since they are extremely cheap and will be able to hit targets way above 60-70km. You can find an example T1 fit below.

    [Cormorant, PochvenYeet]
    Vortex Compact Magnetic Field Stabilizer
    Vortex Compact Magnetic Field Stabilizer

    5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
    F-90 Compact Sensor Booster
    F-90 Compact Sensor Booster

    150mm Prototype Gauss Gun
    150mm Prototype Gauss Gun
    150mm Prototype Gauss Gun
    150mm Prototype Gauss Gun
    150mm Prototype Gauss Gun
    150mm Prototype Gauss Gun
    150mm Prototype Gauss Gun

    Small Ancillary Current Router I
    Small Hybrid Locus Coordinator I
    Small Hybrid Locus Coordinator I

    Targeting Range Script x1
    Scan Resolution Script x1
    Caldari Navy Tungsten Charge S x500

After you've settled with your ship - consider it lost! There will be a way of saving yourselves, and in all fairness - you will not lose your ship if you follow this guide, but there's always a possibility you get attacked by another player or simply mess up something. With your ship ready, head over to the closest trade hub and grab a pair of filaments. You can always scan a wormhole entrance into Pochven since they spawn in a 3-jump radius from where the system used to be - but filamenting in and out is by far the fastest and easiest way of achieving this goal.

Pochven enter filaments:

  • Border-15 'Pochven' Filament
  • Border-5 'Pochven' Filament
  • Internal-15 'Pochven' Filament
  • Internal-5 'Pochven' Filament
  • Home-15 'Pochven' Filament
  • Home-5 'Pochven' Filament

All these will take up to 5/15 fleet members into Pochven while their variant (Border / Internal / Home) dictates which type of system you end up in. For the purpose of this guide - just grab the cheapest one available.

Pochven filament

There are also filaments that will take you to a system owned by a specific Triglavian clade. These are a bit more expensive but might be preferred if you have friendly pilots in such systems.

Pochven clade specific enter filaments:

  • Cladistic-15 'Krai Perun' Filament
  • Cladistic-15 'Krai Svarog' Filament
  • Cladistic-15 'Krai Veles' Filament
  • Cladistic-5 'Krai Perun' Filament
  • Cladistic-5 'Krai Svarog' Filament
  • Cladistic-5 'Krai Veles' Filament

To get yourself out once you're done either scan the wormhole exit or use one of the extraction filaments.

Pochven exit filaments:

  • Proximity-5 'Extraction' Filament
  • Proximity-15 'Extraction' Filament
  • Glorification-1 'Devana' Filament
  • Glorification-5 'Devana' Filament
  • Glorification-15 'Devana' Filament
Pochven filament

Yeet time!

Grab your filaments and ammo, warp to a safespot and yeet yourself into Pochven! Once inside, find a random moon and warp to it at a distance bookmarking a random spot mid-warp. Once you land, warp back to that safe-spot and start D-scanning.

Shooting Drifters, Sleepers or Drone forces inside Pochven gives you double reputation standings with both EDENCOM and Triglavians. If you're in a planned fleet - you might want to consider taking on beefier targets like sleepers and Drifters for more reputation, but for the sake of this guide we'll assume you're solo so simply avoid anything big and find some Drones or isolated sleeper frigates.

These can spawn anywhere in system and they roam around often fighting Triglavians on stations, belts, moons and planets. So, keep on D-scanning until you find a solid chunk of Drones in space. You can also take a look at local anomalies since they also offer drone spawns. To find lone Sleeper frigates, try scanning down wormhole exits. These will often have Edencom forces (usually on Hi-sec exits) or Drifters / Sleepers (on other Wormhole entrances).

Be careful when you're warping to Pochven WH exits. Warping to "zero" will actually land you 70km away from the wormhole. This can be problematic if there are hostile forces on grid that can easily kill you by the time you reach the WH itself. Instead, warp at 100km, bookmark the wormhole, ping off and warp back to the bookmark at zero.
Pochven D-scan

Once you know their location - warp at 100km, align back to your safespot with your MWD on and simply wait for the drones to come in range to shoot them. In general - Drones with smaller numbers in their names are smaller/easier targets so start with those first. You only need a single kill to get your standing boost.

Be careful if you're taking a fight near a station or if you're crashing an ongoing fight between drones and Triglavians since any of them might swap to you and land tackle.

Once you've killed a drone (or multiple), simply warp off and wait out your filament timer (you can always track it in the top-left corner of the screen). Just like ratting ticks, standing changes are scheduled every 20min after which you will get a notification about your increase. You should expect to get a negative standing hit with Drones and a positive one with Triglavians and EDENCOM making you friendly to both across New Eden!

Need more standings?

You probably noticed this guide mentioning a single Drone kill needed to achieve neutral/friendly status with Triglavians… And this is true - as long as you don’t have a negative standing with Triglavians from the start as everyone starts with 0.0 standings (which is hostile for Triglavians but neutral for EDENCOM). You might’ve done a lot of conduit sites after the final invasion chapter landed getting positive EDENCOM status and building a negative standing with the Triglavians…

If that’s the case - you will obviously need a lot more than a single Drone. Depending if you’re solo or in a fleet this may take more or less time. However, one thing to note is the way standings work. Killing a whole site full of drones in a few minutes is equal to shooting a single one inside a given server tick.

Basically, every 20 minutes, the server takes the biggest pirate NPC you killed and awards you standing for doing so. So, if you want to maximize your efforts - you will want to find the biggest Sleeper / Drifter / Rogue Drone NPC you can handle and kill it, then wait for your tick to go back and repeat what you just did.

If you are able to shoot all 3 types of NPCs in a single server tick, you will get 3x the reputation boost. The reason you don’t want to clear everything is simply because if you do - a new spawn might not be there after 20min (new server tick) and you will end up with nothing to shoot. This way you ensure there’s more NPCs available for the next tick giving you more rep in the process.