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Public fleets
Public fleets

o7 capsuleers

As a small corporation we can fairly certainly boast of being drama free and friendly since otherwise you would not be here in the first place. Our fleets vary in numbers and activities but with various stages of pilot training, it's sometimes difficult to provide each of you some higher tier action or beefier PVE content.

Now, if you're not someone seeking massive fleets and just likes to chill in space - you can easily ignore everything below and keep on doing what you're doing :) but if you still want to experience some juicier content this beautiful universe has to offer without the commitment to a major nullsec alliance that would make your game a second job, or simply dive into said content from time to time - you are in the right place!

This post will list only a couple of EX-SA verified groups that provide such content on a very regular basis in form of public fleets opened to anyone that meet the fleet requirements for a given objective. These groups are highly experienced and will give you a quick rundown for whatever the fleet requirement is as long as you ask them.

That said, it is extremely important (and I can't stress this enough) that while flying with these people you first and foremost represent Explorers' Sanctum and you are to behave nicely to everyone!



There are many diplomatic doctrines in EVE. The most popular is "NBSI" or Not Blue, Shoot It. But there's also "NRDS" or Not Red, Don't Shoot. And then there's the much less diplomatic "NPSI" or Not Purple, Shoot It. Which means, of course, that if it's not in your fleet, kill it as fast as you can and damn the diplomatic consequences!

Now, you might notice this policy clashes a bit with our own policy of NOT shooting blues (coalition / corp members).

Personally, if you end up in a public NPSI run and come across Skipp, you have my full permission to blow me up even though I'm a part of your corporation or coalition. Groups like these are here to provide pure PvP fun and I will gladly feed my ship to such cause.

HOWEVER - not all corp/coalition members might share the same enthusiasm towards PvP so I will simply ask you to think twice before shooting a blue member. Personally, in all my runs - I've never come across a coalition member in any of the roams but that doesn't mean it won't happen sooner or later.

  • Ship handoutShip handouts: Generally, no (sometimes scouts / logi)
  • Ship classShip class: Advanced frigates / Destroyers and Cruisers
  • ISKFit cost: 60-100 million
  • WebsiteWebsite: FUN Inc
  • Chat channelIngame channel: EBWF public

Spectre fleet

Spectre Fleet

Following the same guidelines of NPSI, Spectre Fleet is probably one of the most known public groups in EVE providing endless fleets every single week for anyone to join!

  • Ship handoutShip handouts: Sometimes (check the FC message regarding the fleet doctrine)
  • Ship classShip class: Anything from T1 frigates to battleships (will vary from fleet to fleet and your FC)
  • ISKFit cost: anywhere from a few million to a few hundred million
  • WebsiteWebsite: Spectre Fleet
  • Chat channelIngame channel: SF Spectre Fleet

EVE Rookies Incursions

Warp to me incursions

Incursions are automated events introduced with the Incursion expansion in which the NPC faction known as the Sansha's Nation, led by Sansha Kuvakei, invade space in an attempt to conquer it for themselves. Capsuleers must fight off Sansha's forces in order to return the contested space back into an area which can be more safely occupied. Incursions are high-end PvE fleet content, well above that of regular level 4 missions and have more in common with level 5 missions than anything else.

Due to the restrictions to fleet size, each member of the fleet matters. You cannot compensate for lack of skill or efficiency by simply adding more ships. As such, incursions are not for the brand-new player, but more geared towards those who've spent at least a few months in the game able to fly battleships, logistics or more advanced ships. These sites can be extremely lucrative as long as everyone knows what they're doing.

Enter EVE Rookies! This group has been running new-player friendly incursions for a while now and are extremely good at what they do. Their fleets are public but may have a waitlist. Make sure to read through all the newbro guides (especially this one) and check how they work. These fleets are not huge, but still may end up pretty large so your standard fleet comms behaviour fully apply.

  • Ship handoutShip handouts: Some, but try to bring your own ship. Optional fleet insurance is available
  • Ship classShip class: Battleships and Logistics
  • Ship usedShips used: Praxis, Hyperion, Vindicator, Nightmare, Machariel, Vargur, Basilisk ( check here)
  • ISKFit cost: 350mil+
  • WebsiteWebsite: EVE Rookies
  • Chat channelIngame channel: Eve Rookies Incursions

Arataka Research Consortium

Drifter Hive

Arataka Research Consortium describe themselves as “The administrative face of a research coalition composed of numerous corporate and alliance partners. Joined by a shared interest in exploring the frontiers of New Eden, ARC organizes operations against the Vigilant Tyrannos, Triglavian forces, and in support of multinational research and infrastructure goals.”

If the name sounds familiar to you, it's because we're kinda talking about some famous people when it comes to EVE. These capsuleers are explorers, loremakers and scientists (also RPers) that push out frequent content, videos and research findings via their YouTube channel on all things EVE.

They have specialized in running Drifter Hive fleets, and at this point, are probably the only group in game that are able to clear such sites without casualties. Apart from shooting Drifters, ARC runs frequent Triglavian fleets closing numerous Major conduits as well as Flashpoint sites that include the fierce Triglavian dreadnought Zirnitra.

  • Ship handoutShip handouts: Sometimes (bring your own Confessors)
  • Ship classShip class: Destroyers and above
  • Ship usedDrifter Hive ships: Confessors
  • ISKFit cost: <100mil
  • Ship usedInvasion ships: Leshak, Drekavac, Nestor, Vindicator, Guardian
  • ISKFit cost: 1bil+
  • WebsiteWebsite: ARC Twitter
  • Chat channelIngame channel: Consortium Operations