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EX-SA Recruitment
Blue blast

Hello and thank you for considering Explorers' Sanctum as your new home!

At the moment, we are opened to new recruits on an invite-only basis but we encourage anyone interested to apply as long as your profile fits our own. [EX-SA] has always been a small corp and we're keeping it that way so make sure to check out our requirements and what we have to offer to see if we are the right match for each other!

If you haven't done so already, please visit our homepage to read about the way we step into EVE and make sure to check out our main activities since we really care about playing together and getting to know our members while doing so.

What we offer

  • EU Timezone activities
  • Hi-sec base of operation
  • Small & extremely friendly bunch of people
  • No overheads whatsoever (you are 100% free to do what you enjoy the most)
  • ZERO tolerance to drama
  • Alpha friendly
  • Guidance & training for less experienced pilots
  • Free ships & SRP (Ship Replacement Program)
  • Fleets, fleets & more fleets!


  • Have someone in EX-SA to vouch for you if you're not part of our alliance / coalition
  • Be an active member of our alliance / coalition for at least 30 days
  • At least 5.000.000 skillpoints - mostly combat oriented (Frigates, Destroyers & Cruisers)
  • Be willing to listen to advice
  • Be friendly & communicative
  • Show interest for PVP and shenanigans
  • Be helpful to other corporation/coalition members when you can
  • Agree to bring at least 1x "Exotic Dancer, Female" to [EX-SA] CEO upon joining
  • Don't be an asshole (once again - we have zero tolerance to drama)

Complete newbro? Not enough SP? Still want to join?

Now, if you don't think you fit with all the requirements - fear not! Explorers' Sanctum is part of LinkNet which focuses on teaching new players the ropes and provides a wide range of activities that we ourselves take part of. These include anything from daily mining fleets, buyback program, PVP training fleets to wormhole daytrips and much more!

By joining one of the entry corporations you will be getting access to all LinkNet activities as well as an option to swap into more advanced corporations within the coalition if you chose to do so. This is important because we will accept fellow LinkNet members over random applicants even if you're a new pilot without sufficient training as long as you show interest in joint activities and have a record of joining our fleets!

If you still have any questions, or would simply like to chat to us - please join the ingame channel "EX-SA recruitment" and we'll take it from there

As always - Fly safe, or fly it like you stole it!