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AIR Career Program

Complete guide to the AIR Career Program

Channel your inner newbro, grab some frigates and start knocking out those career points! Regardless of how experienced you are, the AIR career program is a fantastic way of pointing you towards numerous activities EVE has to offer as well as providing you with a massive amount of skillpoints!

Fixing Triglavian standings

Get friendly with Triglavians - Fix both EDENCOM & Triglavian standings

Even though the Triglavian invasion is officially over, there are still some leftover systems with minor Triglavian victories that have hostile gate-guns, and with the introduction to Pochven - there are even more roaming Triglavian fleets running about! This short guide will get you friendly to both EDENCOM & Triglavians in just a few minutes of your time!

Public fleets

[EX-SA] verified public fleets

You don't need to be a huge corporation to have access to a huge variety of content! This is why we've checked a few public groups and flagged them as a trustworthy resource for content. Be it ISK printing via running incursions or just some mindless PvP fun - you can be sure that any of these groups will provide you with hours of fun!

Day one guide

Crash course - Day one guide to EVE Online

You've heard a lot of daunting stories… Tales of epic battles, corporation treason, exploration of distant unknown places and industrial wealth… Make sure to start your adventure with this day one guide to New Eden. In this quick overview we cover the very basic type of activities that the game has to offer and help you learn the ropes of EVE...

Clone states

Clone states and skillpoints

EVE: Online is a free-to-play game, but to live the full experience you'd might want to consider getting a monthly subscription. This enables the "Omega" state of your clone and gives you access to every single ship and skill ingame as well as various other features like faster training time and no time limit on your skill queue...

Useful links

Miscellaneous info & 3rd party website links

EVE is a huge game so every little bit of info helps... This is why we've gathered a few useful links and helpers you can reference for various ingame activities like trading, mining, mission running, exploration, PI etc...

Route planner

Route planner

Quickly and easily check the jump distance from major trade hubs or any of your A-to-B travel locations with our route planner. In addition, you can add multiple systems to avoid to make your route safer from known choke-points and/or gankers...

Abyssal training

Abyssal training fleets

We love Abyssal space. It looks beautiful, it's extremely accessible and even day one characters are able to jump straight in and start shooting stuff! For the same reason [EX-SA] runs coalition-wide training fleets where we try to get new players or people that never tried anything Abyssal-wise to try it, and we do it in friendly groups of 3! Just like Triglavians do...