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Silent Coalition - PSA

Hello fellow coalition members o/

After our latest endeavour in helping the defence of the J134716 wormhole, Explorers' Sanctum got an invitation to join the Silent Coalition (they even share the same website background as us!). They are the big fleet that were the backbone of the whole wormhole operation and share the exact same mindset as we do.

They span across all of New Eden and operate in all security regions with a goal to allow all players find their place in-game by providing various types of content and, of course, friends and mingle.

As the CEO of EX-SA and the founder of the Sanctum Coalition, it's my duty to inform you of any major events like these and to clarify any of your potential questions. So, let's get started!

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Why are we joining?

SiCo literally runs the same mindset as we do. This will only expand on the number of activities our members can participate in while playing EVE and offer new friendships along the way.

I'm a member of EX-SA and it's very cosy here without any overheads or requirements - I don't want any changes!

And there will be none! As a part of SiCo, we fully run our own corp as we see fit. There is no one in charge of steering individual corporations except their own CEOs. There will be absolutely no changes in the way EX-SA functions nor how this might affect your gameplay style in regards restrictions or activity requirements.

Does this mean I have to go through background checks and fill out forms on a regular basis?

Nope. Once again - Nothing is changing in the way EX-SA functions and we're still 100% in charge of our own members and recruitment. That said - Everyone will have access to SiCo's Discord server that is used for coalition-wide operations. This is basically the same as we all join other comms for out-of-corp events like SpectreFleet, Fun Inc, ARC etc...

Does this mean we get a huge blue blob so we can safely fly into null space?

No, and it never will. Being part of SiCo only gives us friendly status to other SiCo members. Exactly the same as things work currently in our own coalition. SiCo is not aligned to any of the major blobs even though some corporations in those major alliances may be part of SiCo. Everyone else is neutral.

I'm just a EX-SA member. This status thing is confusing... What do I need to do?

Nothing at all! All corporation standings are set on a corporation level and you, as a corp member automagically get those standings transferred down to you. Keep on enjoying EVE!

Does this mean that I can mine/rat in friendly WH space?

We've had the exact same situation so far with our friends from [ZWEI]. Even though they are friendly - you can't just walk in and start crunching their stuff. However, you are very much welcomed to coordinate with the WH owners and run operations together.

Does this mean that I have to defend their wormholes when danger arises?

If you want to be a part of big battles - you can join, but it is not mandatory. EX-SA will never force you into any type of content you do not feel comfortable doing.

Does this mean that there would be red contacts (warring corps/alliances) in high sec?

No. EX-SA is and will always be wardec free. Any red contacts you may encounter around New Eden are strictly people (or corporations) to keep an eye out on (like CODE, or PIRAT). These are known hisec gankers so EX-SA has them as bad contacts so any of our members can easily spot potential threat while flying through New Eden.

Related to Sanctum Coalition corporations

Any outcome DOES NOT change any of your statuses within Sanctum! If you end up joining your corporation as well - you still get to keep your Sanctum membership!

Is the Sanctum Coalition disbanding?

Absolutely not! I'm extremely proud of our small community and everything we've built so far is here to stay!

I'm a Sanctum Coalition corp CEO and I don't want any extra blues nor changes

And you won't get any (unless you want them)! Each SiCo corporation has full autonomy over their own contacts. This allows EX-SA to maintain the Sanctum Coalition regardless of being part of SiCo and regardless of other Sanctum members not being a part of SiCo.

I'm a Sanctum Coalition corp CEO and I DO want extra blues! Does that mean I can apply for SiCo but have to drop Sanctum?

SiCo evaluates each corporation request on a single basis. This is why EX-SA cannot drag everyone in by default. This is also something EX-SA doesn't want since that would be forcing people into potentially unwanted situations.

However, if any Sanctum Coalition corporation wants to apply for SiCo - please contact Skipp ingame for a follow-up on further introductions to SiCo leadership. No matter if you decide to join or not - Your choice doesn't affect your Sanctum membership.