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A wide variety of content has always been one of the top priorities here in Explorers’ Sanctum, so this is just another effort in making our content palette a bit wider for those interested.

Silent Vale started as a lowsec division with staging in the system of Petidu, but has expanded to nullsec by joining Linknet where we're currently establishing a base of operation in the region of Providence.

We are currently looking for all types of players (ideally Omega pilots) to help with alliance efforts, stratops, defence fleets and PVP, but also spreading influence on the neighbouring systems with exploration, ratting, mining and industry.



Nullsec is the ultimate playground for capsuleers in search of an adrenaline-fueled and action-packed experience in EVE Online. With its vast open space, rich resources, and player-driven politics, nullsec offers a unique and immersive gameplay experience that is hard to match anywhere else in the game.

One of the biggest draws of nullsec is the abundance of resources available to players. From rare minerals to valuable salvage materials, nullsec is home to some of the most lucrative resources in the game. This, in turn, attracts a lot of player-driven industry and commerce, as players work together to mine, refine, and transport these resources to markets throughout New Eden.

Another big attraction of nullsec is the thrill of PvP. With no combat restrictions, nullsec is a constant battleground where players can test their skills against other pilots in large fleet battles, skirmishes, and solo engagements. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new player, nullsec offers a challenging and rewarding PvP experience that can help you hone your skills and earn valuable rewards.

If you are ready to take your EVE experience to the next level, join us to become a part of something bigger, a part of a community and participate in building a new home for our alliance!

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Activities & Benefits

PVP - No worries about being a criminal! Shoot whoever you want and forget about security tags forever! And since you’ll be living in an active region, you’ll most probably get to know the locals and learn who to avoid and who to clap!

Sov warfare - To own something means you need to earn it first, but also defend it! We expect all our members to be fully ready to deploy alliance doctrine ships when the time comes to come together and hold our ground against enemy forces.

Krab-time - A wide range of combat sites will spawn with tougher rats, higher bounties (especially with the system risk modifier above 100%), rare spawns and blingier loot! Majority of these sites will require a bit beefier fit or a small fleet - especially if your skills are not that good yet.

Exploration - Running exploration sites in nullsec can be highly rewarding for skilled pilots. These areas of the game offer greater risk, but also greater rewards. In addition to the material benefits, exploration can also be an exciting challenge, requiring pilots to navigate through dangerous territory while evading enemy players making you a better pilot in the long run.

Industry - Even for low skill point Alpha pilots, gas huffing or mining outside of hisec will provide a very noticeable difference in income. And if you use Omega toons – there's also easy access to PI!

Survivability - An extremely important aspect of EVE Online that you get to hone through a tougher environment while earning solid ISK at the same time.

Ummm how about...

Some convenience?

As Linknet is still in the process of managing all the infrastructure, we currently offer free ship handounds for stratops fleets as well as various defence/offence objective fleets.

There are multiple ratting fits available on alliance contract as well with more convenience like a local market, R64/R32 moon drills, buyback and hauling available from both LinkNet and our own in-corp hauling services.


Corp buyback

For Silent Vale members living in our lowsec home system of Petidu, we are offering buyback on anything you get into corp HQ at 90% Amarr price!

For our nullsec members, simply head over to the Linknet buyback services tab inside alliance auth.

Undock, undock, undock!

How to join

Simply search for Silent Vale ingame and apply via the corporation info window.

For any other questions or info contact Skipp Doe, Lea Mei. or just hop into the 'Silent Vale recruitment' ingame channel.