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What we do

Smallgang PVP & NPSI

Don't know how to PvP? Scared of getting bashed by some stuffed up fleet commander? Worry not, because we have none! Join us and let's lose some ships together! We even made some long-time carebears into PVP addicts! Be it our own small-gang fleets, a coalition newbro friendly roam, or a bit more invested run across null-sec with some of our NPSI friends - we can guarantee you some good fights!

If that's still not enough - our SRP will cover your losses up to cruisers for pretty much every official EX-SA / Coalition fleet!

What you will need

EX-SA is more about having a good time than killboards. We join multiple roaming fleets per week and our main goal is to have fun! So, put on your tough face and bring whatever you're not afraid to lose!

Abyssal deadspace

Dive into the best-looking parts of New Eden! Be it solo or in fleet, these gorgeous eye-candy pockets of space hold many riches waiting to be exploited by only the bravest of pilots.

What you will need

A Cruiser (solo runs) or a Frigate / Destroyer class ship (fleet runs) with a good tanking fit. Newbros will be provided with ships prior to official corporation runs if needed!

Training runs

[EX-SA] also hosts regular coalition-wide abyssal training runs. These are done in small groups of 3 frigates where we run new pilots, or simply players who never did any abyssal content, through multiple sites explaining mechanics, priorities and how to properly fit your ship for the challenge.


Jump through wormholes into the unknown and uncover hidden treasures from the furthest edges of New Eden! If you're not here to fight worry not - our vets will get you up to speed with scanning and hacking so you too can start rolling in ISK.

What you will need

Ideally an Omega clone that can fly a Covert Ops cloaked ship - either a faction CovOps frigate or an Astero would be a great start. If you're an Alpha clone, fear not - We provide training and guidance as well as ship rebuys!


Blast your way through anomalies looking for escalating events that will take you through a more difficult pocket of space with sweet loot!

What you will need

Escalations ain't gonna spawn themselves! Hit that scanner and start clearing anomalies. This can easily be done in frigates and destroyers, and if you find a higher-level escalation you can't finish yourself - our pilots will guard your back!

High-level mission running

Take on contracts for one of many NPC corporations around New Eden and fulfil their tasks for ISK, reputation and Loyalty Points! Even if you're just starting, there will always be someone to lend you a helping hand.

What you will need

Our veterans can easily handle any mission threat. If you're not able to handle larger spawns of heavy ships - just bring whatever you can. The idea is to help one another build up NPC reputation and grab some bounties!

Mingle & fun!

EVE is a massive online game that is always better played with friends, so make sure you share your endeavours with the rest of your fellow corp-members. Be it just random chit-chat, spamming cat gifs, discussing the latest meta or simply bragging about your latest shenanigans - we'll be here to mingle along side with you!

What you will need

A healthy personality, decent sense of humor, willingness to engage with people and make online friends!