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Welcome to Explorers’ Sanctum capsuleer!

We're a small, EU based, alpha friendly, hi-sec corp that operates mostly between Gallente & Caldari space but our pilots are free to roam around New Eden at their own pace and leisure.

Who we are

What sets us apart from most corporations is our mindset and the way we step into EVE. First and foremost - we tend to keep our corporation small. This enables us a much tighter relationship with each other instead of seeing a sea of "blues" around you but barely ever saying a word to one another.

Our main focus is getting people into Abyssal sites and running as many PVP roaming fleets as we can - be it with our coalition or the rest of our NPSI friends!

Corporation requirements

Apart from a soft-requirement of 5mil skillpoints, we don't require any info from you except the info you are willing to share with the rest of the corporation members yourself. We don't require you to undergo pointless background checks, no ESI key requirements, no doctrines... We firmly believe that everyone should play EVE as they want, when they want and how they want.

We won't force you into spending money on ships you can't fly efficiently nor ping you with countless fleet-ups in the middle of the work day and then nag about you having low PAPs at the end of the month.

That said - we won't tolerate assholes, negativity, drama, scamming or shooting own corp members. EVE is a beautiful game that we all log into to have fun and not get irritated more after a hard day of work.


Huggable Alpha clones

[EX-SA] is also very Alpha friendly. Unlike a large number of Omega clones that tend to end up grinding whatever they are best at to PLEX - Alpha clones usually do silly stuff, they experiment, they go out and blow up in cheap ships and most importantly - they have fun!

That's why Explorers’ Sanctum will always welcome new players into its ranks. Not only that - All our new Alphas can request a welcome pack containing a Tech I frigate / destroyer / hauler of their choice and some basic fitting that will get them started on a journey among the stars.

We also offer an extensive training and a helping hand when it comes to mission running, exploration and abyssal space (both solo and fleet runs) since you'll mostly find us doing those activities in New Eden anyway.


"But that guy told me null-sec is full of riches and ISK and I should sell everything and come live there..."

While everything said there is true - there are a few minor catches... First of all - most prominent nullsec corporations will not accept low-skillpoint capsuleers into their ranks. The main reason being a very simple one: You can't be self-sufficient in nullsec without decent skillpoints and training. You will just keep dying to rats or various gank-fleets roaming around making your corporation killboard soaked red with your losses on it.

The other reason is mostly based on personal preferences and gameplay style. Unlike hisec, nullsec is all about building empires. This means that your home might be invaded one day and you end up evicted from space you grew accustomed to. This might turn into a major inconvenience while moving assets and/or ships around - especially when the enemy is waiting for your every move to snipe you down.

This also means you will be spending a lot of your gametime protecting that space and potentially not doing what you actually want to do ingame which may be a nuisance to people that don't have as much time on their hands to sink into EVE on a daily basis.

However - this alone is also a good side of nullsec since it promotes an extremely unique type of gameplay that is appealing to a lot of people. Once again – it’s all up to you and your preferred gameplay style.

Final thoughts & joining

Explorers’ Sanctum is trying to promote a bit different type of gameplay - a more convenient part of EVE where you can swap ships and modules whenever you want without days of planning where to transfer the items from and which jump-freighter service you need to call before you even set foot in your new ship... A bit safer place where you won't get ganked for no reason apart from being neutral in local space. And finally - a friendly community of people to hang around and do EVE stuff with!

So... if this sounds interesting to you, or you're simply a new player looking for a place to call home (and evade high NPC corporation taxes!) - Explorers’ Sanctum will take you in for an on-boarding process! A relationship takes (at least) two people to make it work - so your trial in [EX-SA] will also be our own trial with you!

Simply join our ingame public EX-SA recruitment channel and have a chat with us or search for Explorers' Sanctum in the ingame corporation finder.

If we don't "click" in the end - have no fear... We don't hold grudges, no hard feelings... We'll grab a can of Quafe and toast to our own separate ways...

Fly safe o7

* Please allow us 24-48h to respond to your join requests