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Abyssal guide

Welcome to your starting point for Abyssal diving capsuleer!

This page was made for a sole purpose of providing a solid entry point for running Abyssal sites with verified and tested cruiser fits for each of the major factions of New Eden. Every fit listed below is 100% Alpha friendly and will allow even lesser trained pilots to successfully run and finish low-tier Abyssal sites. Even though the fits will be listed with the preferred Tech II version of modules fitted, feel free to downgrade to Meta level for any module you currently don't have the training for. If flying the fits listed below – you can expect to safely run T1 (calm) and T2 (agitated) Abyssal filaments.

When it comes to enemy types, you will be facing Drones, Sleepers, Drifters, Seeker, Triglavians, Sansha, CONCORD and Angel Cartel forces. Each spawning with different variants so it's extremely important to know what each variant does and which one is the priority for your fit. In general – you will always try to get rid of neuting ships first. Those are the ones sucking your capacitor dry, and a ship with no capacitor is pretty much a sitting duck.

Your other high priority will be any battleship spawn – especially the Drifter one. These vessels deal massive amounts of damage from a distance but have poor weapon tracking. This means you will want to burn into close range as soon as possible, but never do it in a straight line. Always approach them at an angle so they don't land hard hits. Once in range, start a close orbit and simply unload all your DPS at them at which point they should not be able to hit you at all.

This is also the only time you’ll want to actually orbit stuff. You will want to manually pilot in any other situation since that way you dictate the positioning of the enemy spawns and yourself. This is also beneficial since the Abyssal pocket is relatively small and you don’t want to burn out of the boundaries since that will kill you.

For a very detailed guide on all Abyssal mechanics check out this article, while you can find all notable spawn variants and their abilities below.

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Abyssal spawns

Always prioritize high damage / neuts -> logi/ewar depending on your ship fit

High damage & tracking

  • Aegis, Knight, Cynabal, Tessera


  • Dissipator, Firewatcher, Nullcharge, Sentinel, Starving, Smith, Drainer, Fury


  • Aegis, Escort, Fieldweaver, Plateforger, Preserver, Renewing, Priest, Burst


  • Webber / scram - Snarecaster, Entanglement, Entangler, Warden, Upholder, Tangling, Fisher, Arrester, Echo
  • Tracking, Missile disruption - Fogcaster, Confuser, Ghosting, Herald
  • Sensor Dampener - Gazedimmer, Obfuscator, Blinding, Lookout, Medusa
  • Target Painting - Spotlighter, Illuminator, Deepwatcher, Harrowing, Tangling, Marker, Swordspine, Ixion

General tips

  • Get to know your ship! Depending on your fit, some priority targets may change (see the list above)
  • Always keep an eye out on your drones. If you see them taking damage, simply pull them back in and re-deploy them
  • T1 and T2 sites should be easily done with fits listed below - but with low skillpoints, T2 might have some tougher spawns. Don't be afraid to overheat your modules if necessary
  • If by any chance you can't fit some Tech II version of listed modules, simply downgrade to a meta module
  • Even though these fits don't have top resists in EM damage types, it's recommended to start with Electric filaments due to the fantastic capacitor bonuses you get from running these sites. Having a solid cap recharge helps greatly with low skillpoint characters and you will be able to run all your modules at a longer time - if not permanently while in these sites
  • Stay away from high-damaging targets for as long as possible. Some will even require constant kiting like the drone Tessera battlecruisers who will deal extremely high damage up to 15km
  • If you find these fits tight on your CPU or Powergrid, consider using CPU/Powergrid boosting implants until you train up your skills
    • CPU: Zainou 'Gypsy' CPU Management
    • Powergrid: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Power Grid Management

Starting fits

Some of the videos below showcase wrong priorities / reckless flying on purpose just to test maximum durability of listed fits while playing on an Alpha account. Also, most fits are MWD so you zoom around the pocket and grab extra loot in very little time. However, make sure you're not using your MWD when you're shooting stuff since it will drain your cap and mess with your tracking. Pay attention to the videos and notice how/when to shut it down and utilize webs to pin down targets

We chose the Omen to represent the Amarrian Abyssal divers because it simply looks great, has solid range, drone support and can be upgraded later on into the Navy version for even more punch.

How to fly it

Load long range crystals at the beginning so you can start applying damage as soon as possible. Turn on your MWD and burn straight towards your enemies. Once you grab aggro, toss out the drones at your primary target. Try to stay in range of your webs so you can further slow down your target while applying more DPS by swapping to close-range crystals. This will help out your drones with tracking small and agile enemies as well.

Make sure to shut down your MWD once you are in close range of your targets because there is no need for it to be running, and having it on will simply make your tracking worse and drain your capacitor unnecessary. If you’re facing extremely fast enemies that keep breaking your web lock, simply pulse the MWD once to get back in range.


    [Omen, EX-SA Abyssal Omen]
    Medium Armor Repairer II
    Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
    Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
    Damage Control II
    Heat Sink II
    Heat Sink II

    Stasis Webifier II
    Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
    50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

    Focused Medium Pulse Laser II
    Focused Medium Pulse Laser II
    Focused Medium Pulse Laser II
    Focused Medium Pulse Laser II
    Focused Medium Pulse Laser II

    Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
    Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
    Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

    Imperial Navy Infiltrator x4

    Scorch M x5
    Conflagration M x5